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10 Fascinating Facts about Mozambique

258 Mozam, a brand new Mozambican restaurant on Florida Road, Durban, brings you ten incredible facts that you probably didn’t know about this beautiful gem of a nation.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #1: Half of its population is under the age of 17

The whole of Africa is recognised as having a young population and nowhere is this more apparent than in Mozambique, where no less than 50% of people are children. This makes Mozambique a vibrant country that straddles tradition and modernity, moving rapidly forward into the future.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #2: It has low population density.

There is plenty of space for everyone in Mozambique. To give you an idea, its area is three times that of the UK, while its population is less than half the UK’s.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #3: All the vowels!

Mozambique is the only country with a one-word name that has all five vowels in it.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #4: There is plenty of fresh food.

Mozambique is known for its seafood, although poultry and cattle are also commonly reared for food. There are plenty of cashew nuts, sugarcane, coconuts, fruits, potatoes and leafy vegetables. All of these feature in Mozambican cuisine, which is heavily influenced by traditional Portuguese cooking.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #5: Prawns are among its main exports

Maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise – especially after a visit to 258 Mozam! Mozambique exports tons of prawns every year, along with other major export goods such as aluminium, cotton, sugar, timber, and citrus fruits.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #6: Only 50% of the population speak the official language.

Portuguese is the official language in Mozambique since the country was under Portuguese control for hundreds of years up until 1975. However, only half of the population actually speaks the language with fluency. There are actually 43 languages spoken within Mozambique’s borders.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #7: It is warm almost all year round.

Mozambique is in a tropical zone, which gives it an average annual temperature of 28 degrees Celcius. Much like KwaZulu-Natal and unlike other South African provinces, it is warm or mild throughout the year.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #8: It’s incredibly biodiverse.

Within its area, which is relatively small compared to its southern neighbour, South Africa, Mozambique is home to 5,500 document plant species, 740 species of birds, 80 species of reptiles and amphibians and around 3,000 species of insects. It also includes all of the big five, as well as hippos, hyenas, wild dogs and crocodiles.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #9: What do they do with all those airports?!

Mozambique boasts a total of 98 airports and airfields. Only 21 of these have paved runways.

Fascinating Fact about Mozambique #10: It has some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs.

South African divers already know this! Over 1200 species of fish are found in the reef lining the Bazaruto Archipelago. These reefs form one of the largest marine reserves in the world.

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