Florida Road, Durban, will soon play home to +258 Mozam, a truly authentic Mozambican-styled restaurant that presents a mix of African, Eastern and European flavours, coming together to create distinct and intriguing sensory experiences.

A Culinary Experience Like No Other

Keep reading the blog as we reveal what makes +258 Mozam so special and why you should make experiencing this cultural experience a priority.

Appreciating What Makes Mozambican Cuisine So Unique & Diverse

We are so proud of our country’s culture and cuisine. Mozambique’s culinary diversity derives influence from a range of influential cultures encountered in Mozambiques’ illustrious history. This includes Arab, Portuguese, Chinese (Macau), Brazilian, Angolan influences, not to mention flavours from West African countries like São Tomé Príncipe, Cabo Verde and Guinea Bissau.

To top it all off, Mozambican culture also draws influence from local internal Bantu communities, including Chuwabo, Sena, Ndaw, Nyungwe, Makonde, Yao, Makhuwa, Mwani, Nyanja, Nsenga, Shona, Chope, Bitonga, Ronga, Changane, Tswa, Nguni and more. These have all come together to result in a glorious blend of native and foreign cultural flavours.

Driven by a Passion for Authentic Mozambiquan Culture & Cuisine

“+258 was born from the imagination, determination and persistence of two Mozambican investors with an intense passion for truly authentic Mozambican cuisine. The combination of a deep passion for Mozambican food between two individuals come together at +258: a space that is all about shared experiences – sharing food, sharing moments and sharing a new type of restaurant concept in Durban.

We’re bringing genuine Mozambican food to Durban that goes beyond Portuguese style food to include creole food with recipes sourced from traders, fisherfolk and generations of home-cooked meals. Every time we are back home in Maputo, we collect new recipes, try them out with friends and family, refine them and sometimes recreate others to bring you fresh and exciting flavours.”

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Exploring Our Space

Our ideally-situation space in Florida Road, Durban, features an espresso bar, a beer hall and a retail space for purveying Mozambican, Portuguese, South African, and Italian beer, wine, spirits and delicacies. +258 Mozam is more than a Petiscos bar, it’s also a seafood bar, a steakhouse and a gallery filled with original creations. Plus, we offer on-the-go deli options like sandwiches, soups, smoothies and desserts.

Our space was conceptualised with the aim of providing a space for guests to indulge in a wholesome and immersive Mozambican, discovering our cuisine and cultural flavours, while drinking, shopping, enjoying listening to music and to feeling the genuine cultural vibe of our exceptional home country.

Breaking Bread & Strengthening Bonds

At +258, we revel believe that eating and drinking together brings people closer. In fact, we revel in this concept, crafting menu items that are ideal for sharing between friends, lovers, family or acquaintances. To this end, shareable options are the only options available! This creates an environment of flavour-and-food experimentation.

+258 Mozam is Here to Bring Mozambican Cuisine to the World

All cuisine prepared at +258 is made with love by our team of expert chefs who use only the freshest produce, supplied to us by small-scale farmers in Mozambique, Portugal and South Africa. We invite you to come and join us at +258 where Mozambican culture and cuisine come to life. Contact us to find out more or book your table now.

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