It is no secret that Mozambique has some of the most flavourful food in the world. With a lot of Portuguese influence, local Mozambicans have created an array of traditional dishes that have made them famous. As a traditional Mozambican restaurant, +258 Mozam are sharing a few of the most popular Mozambican meals.

5 of the Most Popular Foods in Mozambique

Mozambique foods are a beautiful combination of flavours and will leave you hungry for more. For more interesting information on Mozambican food and culture, visit our blog.

1. Galinha Asada

It is known to many that seafood is a staple in Mozambique, however, chicken is right up there too. Galinha asada is flame-grilled chicken and is often marinaded in peri-peri sauce. The smokey-flavour is a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. Whilst it may be a bit spicy for some, it is typically a flavour-packed firm favourite.

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2. Xima

This fulling food is often found accompanying meals such as stew or flavourful meat dishes. Xima is a staple in Mozambique and resembles porridge due to its white colour, however, it is much lighter and fluffier, making it easy to pick up with your hands due to its stiffness. In South Africa, Xima most resembles pap, as they are both mild in flavour.

3. Paõzinho

You may have heard about this food more often referred to as paõ. Paõzinho is a Portuguese-style bread roll. These divinely fresh rolls are baked in a wood-fired oven and dusted with the perfect amount of flour. Whilst they are tasty at any time of the day, they are best when eaten fresh out the oven whilst they are still warm. Paõ is commonly served with peri-peri drenched steak strips in prego rolls but can be also enjoyed in their simplicity with melted butter or jam.

4. Grilled Prawns

Grilled prawns are a Mozambican speciality and after you have tasted them, you will understand why. For any seafood lovers, Mozambique should be on the top of their travel bucket-list. Typically served with rice and a garlic butter or peri-peri sauce, grilled prawns are one of the most famous tastes of Mozambique.

5. Bolo Polana

We can’t have a list of food favourites without throwing in a dessert that we think you will love. The recipe gets its name from Polana, a neighborhood in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo. This may sound a bit strange, but Bolo Polana, a traditional Mozambican dessert, means Cashew and Potato Cake. This cake is made up of potatos, cashews, sugar, butter, lemon peel and a few other simple ingredients. This cake brags a uniquely smooth nutty flavour, a perfect finish to any meal.

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