Sharing food, moments and experience is our Dna:

258 is Mozambique in Durban – a space to eat, drink, share, shop and to celebrate Mozambican culture.

+ 258 is a space that encourages the sharing of flavours, moments and experiences. Sharing flavours, conversations, joy, smiles and successes around a table: our Mozambique flavour table. The food arrives at the table in bowls and platters from which everyone can pick and take what they want. This does not mean that we do not cater for individuals.

The gastronomy of +258 is based on genuine Mozambican food that goes beyond Portuguese style food to include creole food with recipes sourced from traders, fisherfolk and generations of home-cooked meals. Every time we are back home in Mozambique, we collect new recipes, try them out with friends and family, refine them and sometimes recreate others to bring you fresh and exciting flavours.

The menu is varied and results from the creativity of our chefs. The main concept is on “Food to share”, an invitation to all those friends of +258 who like to try and share dishes and discover the flavours of Mozambique! In addition to food, we give you music to wet your appetite. Dine to melodies performed by live musicians and, in a relaxed way, let yourself be taken on a journey of sounds and flavours.

Our space is an espresso bar, a petiscos (tapas) bar, seafood bar, a steakhouse and a gallery filled with original creations. It also offers on-the-go deli options such as sandwiches, smoothies, cakes and more.

All food at +258 is prepared with love by our team of expert chefs who support the authenticity of Mozambican products, from fish and seafood off the coast of Mozambique, to traditional Portuguese sausages, including succulent and superior quality meat from South African breeds and vegetables from small-scale farmers in Mozambique, Portugal and South Africa.

We invite you to come join us at +258 where Mozambican culture and cuisine comes to life.